The social media revolution has changed drastically since the beginning of COVID19, Tik tok began predominating in the entertainment sector, probably your brand does not fit in the content of this social network.

Recently according to the survey conducted by Social Media Today on their social networks. With a total of 2357 votes to find out which platforms it would seek to leverage the audience of marketing specialists throughout the year, it provides some interesting insights into how companies approach their strategies for 2022.

With these data we can conclude different opinions among them that both Facebook and Tik Tok are not in the eyes of more than 2,000 people, proving a theory that Tik Tok tends to diminish his conversion from many businesses and to waste his audience, taking into account that today its advertising platform is not officially enabled for more than 10 countries.

On the other hand, Facebook has become a social network for “old people,” as digital marketing experts call it, the conversion rate within the platform has decreased however the Facebook administrator continues to grow and offer more possibilities for SMEs and multinationals.

To conclude our information we focus on that Instagram, will become the focus for many strategies, with its new algorithms and innovations such as Reels presented in 2020 seeks to integrate its sales communication along with WhatsApp, leveraging your API in an open way to automate your private messages, stories, comments and future strategies.

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